Centrelink Offices Near You


Find the centrelink office closest to you with this handy app that pinpoints your location and presents you with your nearest option. This app can be easily adapted for other environments such as homes for sale near you, nearest shopping centres, closest public toilets etc. This app was developed using Location of Centrelink Offices dataset. Ask Anansi Web Development for more details and how we can help your organisation online or on smart phones.


Add to Home Screen

To add a shortcut of this app to your iPhone Home Screen (Desktop), touch the + icon on the bottom menu and then choose "Add to Home Screen".

User Guide

In order to use Centrelink Offices Near You mashup app, please enable Location Services on your iPhone.

Go to http://www.anansi.com.au/apps/centrelink/ from your iPhone Browser and tap on "View on map".

Allow Safari browser and anansi.com.au to access your location information and you will be presented with a map view of Centrelink locations closed to your current location. Tap on "Go to list view" tag to view details of the Centrelink locations in a list format.

The list view shows you information about the Centrelink locations and lets you view any particular location on google map.

You can scroll down to the bottom of the list and tap on "Go to map view" to go back to the map view.

The "Show on map" link is integrated with native "Maps" app on iPhone. You can use "Directions" feature to calculate the route to the Centrelink office from your current location, view real-time traffic to find the fastest route, switch between map view, satellite view, hybrid view, and street view and make use of many other features of the Maps app.

You can also share the location of any particular Centrelink office or bookmark it for later use.

KML Files

Developed by Anansi Web Development.